Popular sandwich chain Subway has removed a number of menu items and put in new replacements, and customers have taken to social media to voice their displeasure. Subway appears to have dropped the Roasted Garlic bread, the Chicken Classic filling, carrots and pickles, as well as a range of dressings.

“The restaurant you visited is taking part in an exciting new trial of some great new menu items as well as quality meats, natural cheeses, salads and sauces for Subway,” the chain said, replying to a disgruntled Facebook user. “This trial is all about delivering new and exciting options for our guests, and feedback is important in guiding which changes we will keep in the future.”

There appears to have been no warning that the changes were coming – the only indication that changes have been made are two polls being run on the Facebook page, asking whether carrots and pickles should remain. So far, users are voting overwhelmingly for the ingredients to stay.