Three NZMA students have returned inspired from the International Management Institute of Switzerland this week, after fulfilling their Student Ambassador roles and learning more about the career options open to them.

YoungChan Chai (South Korea), Jiyoung An (South Korea) and Marion Josef Apin (Philippines) have all undertaken the Professional Cookery Level 5 programme at NZMA, and are now considering their career paths after seeing first hand what the Bachelor in Culinary Arts offers at the institute. NZMA has a partnership with the International Institute of Switzerland, and students can earn credits towards their Bachelor degree.

NZMA student ambassador Jiyoung An said it had been a great experience. “I’ve made new friends from all over the world as there were fifteen student ambassadors in total from Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Serbia and Korea. We all had different stories, but our common dream is our passion for cooking. There was a lot of positive energy all around the room.”

“It might sound strange, but through this experience I have realised how much I love NZMA in Auckland, my friends and tutors, and New Zealand,” added Jiyoung. “This trip has made me realise how much I appreciate what I have now too!”

Student Ambassador YoungChan Chai has a new goal in life now. “I’m really keen to study in Europe, especially at IMI in the future, to push me on my path of creativity. I have very high expectations of myself, and I really want to reach the top in cookery – I am aiming to work in a three-star Michelin restaurant at least once in my life. This is a new goal now!”

The whole team at NZMA are rallying behind the trio, who have been fantastic ambassadors for NZMA and New Zealand.