St Pierre’s sushi stores across the country have started offering a discount to customers who bring their own container for sushi. The 30c discount is part of an effort to decrease the amount of plastic used by the chain, which currently serves its sushi in plastic clamshell trays which are No. 6 recyclable. The discount will only be available for made-to-order sushi, which accounts for about 20 percent of total sales.

The change has been in the works since July last year when the chain took to social media to ask customers for their best solutions. Marketing director Nick Katsoulis said that the option would not be extended to ready-made sushi, as that would be just as wasteful.

Other options floated offering paper trays for free while charging for plastic ones or selling sushi in rolls wrapped in paper, as is common across Australia. The paper wrap option was trialled last year, but customer feedback was negative.