Nelson company, Appleby Farms has launched onto the premium ice-cream scene with an emphasis on its cow-to-cone philosophy. Appleby Farms has taken the whole ice-cream process and turned it into a labour of love. No fake tastes and textures, just hand-crafted ice creams that satisfy sensory cravings. With wonderful ice cream, comes wonderful milk – enter the Appleby cows. Appleby Farms use the milk from its herd of A2 cows in Nelson. It heads straight from the milking shed into its new creamery 15-minutes down the road. The ingredients that are used are sourced from local growers and partners, and a portion of the profit is reinvested in sustainable farming practices and environmental projects in the region.

The new range includes Bedford Vanilla Bean – Vanilla Ice Cream, Brown Eyed Girl – Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream, Doubleshot Ipanema – Coffee Ice Cream, Bad Boys & Berries – Boysenberry Ice Cream and Tangled Passion – Passionfruit. This range was recognised at the recent New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturing Awards, where Bedford Vanilla Bean won a Gold Award and was named Best in Category for Premium Vanilla Ice Cream. Bad Boys and Berry won a Gold Award in Premium Ice Cream, while Brown Eyed Girl and Tangled Passion won Silver.

Appleby Farms ice cream is available from Trents, Gilmours, Tokyo Foods and some Bidfoods in 5kg catering packs.

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