Root to Bloom by Mat Pember and Jocelyn Cross

Much like nose-to-tail eating for meat, Mat Pember and Jocelyn Cross bring readers the root-to-bloom movement for edible plants. In their first collaboration, Root to Bloom will equip readers with the knowledge and tools to grow, eat and celebrate ever edible part of the plant, even the lesser-used parts that are often snubbed.

Including a comprehensive rundown of 35 edible plants, from coriander, to onion, to sweet potato, Root to Bloom covers the extra components of edibility, including flowers, roots and weeds. The book educates people about ideal growing conditions, the nutrition level of the parts, as well as activities on how to prepare or preserve them for eating.

With recipes such as Japanese pickled sweet ginger, pickled nasturtium pods, and broccoli leaf coleslaw, as well, six breakout chapters on key related topics: medicinal; herbicides; skin care; weeds and foraging; the orchard; and preserving flowers, Root to Bloom is the essential handbook for anyone wanting to grow, eat and celebrate every part of their plants.

Root to Bloom
Mat Pember & Jocelyn Cross