Rewarding designated drivers

Now in its third year, the Coca-Cola Designated Driver campaign celebrates those who step up for their mates as the designated driver by providing them with complimentary non-alcoholic drinks at participating bars nationwide across New Zealand. Now with over 200 bars and restaurants, the summer programme is shaping up to be the largest one yet.

Coca-Cola’s Designated Driver programme is designed to reward people for making safe and responsible choices while enjoying a night out this festive season. The programme celebrates those who step up as the designated driver for their mates.

The programme helps to remove the perception that if you don’t have an alcoholic beverage you can’t join in on the fun by providing designated drivers with up to three free beverages from the Coca-Cola portfolio, including Coke, Coke No Sugar and the Schweppes range. The campaign will run from late November to January.

To participate in the programme, designated drivers just need to TEXT ‘driver’ to 345 and will receive three mobile coupons that they can use to redeem complimentary Coca-Cola beverages at participating bars.