Realigning Food Safety

The introduction of the Food Safety Act 2014 has resulted in a change of mindset within the hospitality industry around food safety. As a result, many businesses have had to realign their food safety practices. iMonitor, through extensive industry research and feedback, has developed unique products that work together to simplify food control plan requirements.

As a locally-owned business, iMonitor can create bespoke solutions for its customers – truly a partnership approach, as outlined in the iMonitor mission statement. iMonitor has had extensive experience in building tailored solutions for the food industry, taking a fundamental look at how the segment operates and reducing work by using innovative technology.

One example of such technology is iMonitor’s Internet of Things Wireless Temperature Monitoring. The wireless temperature monitoring devices ensure that temperatures are recorded automatically, eliminating the need for manual reading. Smart Alarms are triggered to highlight any issues, thus avoid product losses, and the online dashboard offers up-to-date monitoring and eliminates paper recording.

The Food Safety Plan (FSP) was developed in-house from the concept stage on the principles of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) and Food Safety Management System (FSMS) with a particular focus paid to user-friendliness. iMonitor developed an innovative template system based on the “simply safe and suitable” Food Control Plan by MPI. It includes templated checklists, templates for the manual and automated recording of food and storage temperatures, proving methods and supplier and delivery monitoring to manage all compliance record keeping.

The FSP reporting function updates in real time, enabling the business owner to track compliance by determining if food safety tasks have been completed. The system collates all relevant data, provides analysis and meaningful insights and scoring on food safety performance across operations ranging from single site to multi-site businesses – providing real-time visibility which is scalable and easily accessible via any device. The Food Safety Plan platform is not limited to the Food Safety Act 2014 requirements, as users can easily set up additional tasks and checklists to reflect their specific operational needs.

The Food Safety Plan is the only commercially available product which combines proprietary hardware technology with industry-specific proprietary software to provide an integrated food safety compliance tool. Being an online tool, any changes made to the Act can be quickly and seamlessly implemented by the iMonitor team.

iMonitor is now working actively on new features, including online tracking and training, workflow management and a smart food probe, with the information directly captured in a food control plan, guaranteeing the integrity of the data and ensuring that the business remains compliant.