Pasture wins Auckland’s best restaurant of the year award

Parnell-based restaurant, Pasture, has claimed the title of Metro Peugeot Restaurant of the Year, as well as owner, Ed Verner, winning best chef. Despite its small stature, Pasture’s food was highly regarded as innovative and unique.

The awards were given out at an awards night held in the Auckland Town Hall. In addition to Pasture winning the best restaurant of the year, they also won the best fine-dining category, the best dish, and the runner-up prize for best drinks list. Cazador won the best neighbourhood restaurant as well as runner-up for the best restaurant of the year.

Verner, the owner of Pasture, said that he would like to thank staff members as well as his ex-wife for the hard work that everyone had put in throughout Pasture’s tenure. For now, Verner has no new plans for the restaurant.