There are two NRA’s in the US – one promotes unfettered gun rights, while the other claims to be “the largest food-service trade association in the world – supporting over 500,000 restaurant businesses.”

It is the slight but important distinction which has been causing chaos all across the USA in recent weeks, with ordinary citizens confused about how donations to the NRA have ended up on their bank statements.

“Got a text from Capital One saying I’d made a 15$ payment to the NRA,” tweeted one user. “Called to complain my account had stolen by some right wing Whacko. Turns out it was my 17 year old applying for a yogurt job and had to join the National Restaurant Association. #BrandingFail

Senator Tammy Duckworth, a disabled war veteran who has been outspoken about the National Rifle Association during her term, was also caught up in the scandal. ““It is not true that I received a $50 donation from the NRA,” she tweeted. “I received a donation from an employee of the National RESTAURANT Association.”

A spokesperson for the National Restaurant Association was philosophical about the situation: “Every once in a while this happens.”