Mezcal trend reaches New Zealand

New Zealand is about to get its first taste of the mezcal bar trend currently sweeping the globe with the opening this week of La Fuente Wine & Mezcal in Auckland’s Snickel Lane. Following on from a successful pop-up in Britomart last year, La Fuente Wine & Mezcal opens its doors as a permanent establishment and will offer a unique mix of wines alongside artisan mezcal – a distilled alcoholic beverage made from the agave (or maguey) plant – and Mexican-inspired dishes.

Owned and operated by Mexican-born sommelier Edmundo Farrera, whose career spans more than two decades, people will be able to taste and enjoy wine and mezcal on-site, as well as buy them to take home. Farrera has spent the past 10 months sourcing products from producers in Mexico, New Zealand and around the world for his new venture, which marries his passions for both wine and mezcal.

“Throughout my travels, I’ve found limited releases and outstanding vintages not otherwise found in bars or specialty wine stores, and sourced mezcales direct from local, small-scale, sustainable producers in Oaxaca,” Farrera said. “Our guests can expect an unexpected mix wines and handcrafted mezcales that make up a drinks offering unlike any other in New Zealand. Like wine, mezcal is a journey of discovery. One of the most ancient distilled products it offers a glimpse into the history and geography of my country and I’m really looking forward to sharing my knowledge and passion for this incredible spirit.”

Farrera and his team, which includes Meg Abbott-Walker of MASU and Lovebucket, will offer customers the option of choosing their wine or mezcal from a list or letting the house take care of that decision, with carefully curated tasting flights designed to give people an introduction to new wine experiences and the world of mezcal.

The experience is enhanced by the fit out, designed by Ctrl_Space to reflect the rustic charm of Mexico.