Mexico Restaurant has been forced to drop guacamole from its winter menu due to the exorbitant price of avocado. Chefs were told on Monday to stop ordering avocado and use any remaining quantities.

Figures from Statistics New Zealand have shown that avocados are at a record price after an exceptionally small May harvest, rising to $5.06 per 200g. Avocados were $3.69 per 200g in April, which itself was a 30c increase from the same period in 2017.

“Everyone loves guacamole and corn chips, so not having that as an option will definitely take a toll,” said Mexico Christchurch manager Tawera Tamepo. A spokesperson from the chain said that in order to continue selling guacamole the price would be increased to $18, for a smaller portion.

“We just have to be honest with them,” said the spokesperson. “It’s a battle we just can’t fight anymore.”

The move to drop avocado also happened at a similar time last year. After increasing the price from $10 to $14, further increases in the price of avocado meant that the chain was forced to drop guacamole entirely.

New Zealand’s avocado industry produces just 1.5 percent of the world’s supply, and almost 70 percent of the 4000ha New Zealand harvest is exported to Australia. While this seems like a large volume, the United States eats the equivalent of the entire New Zealand crop in guacamole over Super Bowl weekend.