Modern diners still love the classics, but now their expectations are insanely high.  Gone are the days when you can throw a frozen patty in the fryer and expect your guests to be impressed.  The focus is now on getting creative and presenting familiar favourites in fresh and mind-blowing ways. Massive flavours, imaginative execution and unexpected personal touches are what diners and their stomachs are going mad for.  Classic steaks, schnitzels, roasts, pies, sides and gravies are all up for reinvention, and the only limit is your creativity. We know diners love their classics dripping with smooth, rich and indulgent gravy, so how do you pump out full on mouth watering classics and still keep your Gluten Free diners part of the fun?  We know GF can be a pain, so Knorr’s new rich Brown Gravy has been reinvented to make life back of house a little less traumatic. Once thought to be impossible, we’ve nailed a gluten free gravy which keeps the rich meaty taste and smooth velvety consistency you’ll want to serve to all your diners. No compromise necessary!  The prep is hassle free – you don’t even need the blender! Just mix with boiling water and feel free toad your own ingredients and flavours at any time. As an added bonus it is also bain marie stable, freeze/thaw stable, low skin formation and no ugly lumps! Check out for some of our recipe inspiration and ideas on how to go beyond a simple gravy and wow your diners.