McDonald’s and American Express have joined forces in a move that offers customers more choice. Already accepted by tens of thousands of retailers across New Zealand, the addition of McDonald’s 168 restaurants represents the single largest batch of retailers to be added to the American Express network in this market.

Both parties were immediately rewarded for the effort: American Express Card Members had swiped their cards at 98 percent of McDonald’s locations across New Zealand within seven days of launch.

This came as little surprise to Rob Bourne, American Express NZ Head of Card Services. Research commissioned by American Express revealed that eating out is a priority for its cardholders who spent over $55 million in 2016, spending on average 30 percent more than other Kiwis.

“Our card holders want the freedom to use their card wherever they want and we are constantly looking for new benefits to offer our customers because we know they love eating out,” said Bourne.

McDonald’s and American Express celebrated the partnership with a $5 cashback incentive for every $15 spent (up to three times) at a McDonald’s restaurant throughout September.

It proved to be one of the most successful merchant incentive campaigns to-date, with record cashback registrations and reward redemptions.

“The McDonald’s cashback offer demonstrates our commitment as a business to supporting the merchants that support us,” said Bourne.

American Express has an ability to serve a number of special offers with participating merchants using their ‘Amex Offers’ platform.  Customers can seamlessly search for and save a number of offers to their registered card, and receive a credit in their account once they have spent in-store or online.

Bourne says accepting American Express payments is a logical step for any business that wants to provide flexibility for its customers but more importantly, get the right customers in the door.