United Fisheries began as a humble fish and chip shop 40 years ago with the aim to consistently serve the freshest, tastiest fish. They then started catching their own, growing to become one of New Zealand’s largest fisheries. Kypros Kotzikas, the father, still works in the business with his four sons and together, they are all sea believers, with a massive respect for the fishermen who brave the ocean day to day and for doing what’s best for the ocean. Being sea believers means they know their stuff – they fish, fillet and fry their own catch, knowing every part of the food chain to consistently deliver the best to the plate.

These days, United Fisheries not only supply a full range of core seafood products caught in New Zealand’s pristine waters. They also import globally sourced sustainable seafood, from tender sweet Australian scallops harvested in the cold waters of Tasmania through to wild caught Atlantic salmon and sweet, juicy prawns from Asia.

But it’s not just the freshest of seafood they deliver. United Fisheries also lead the way in industry innovation, working with chefs and kitchen professionals to bring a range of global, on-trend products, from street food, through to tapas and tasty finger food. Thai fish cakes, tuna croquettes, green prawn dumplings, prawn shaomai – these authentic, handmade foods from around the world are designed to go from freezer to table in under 10 minutes. They are delicious bite-size portions, perfect for small plates or a party platter.