Krispy Kreme to open ‘concept store’

Krispy Kreme will open its first ever concept store in Auckland’s CBD later this month, dubbed “the Kaleidoscope store.” The store is set to be more of a sensory experience than its main base in Manukau.

The faced will resemble a Krispy Kreme box, featuring red and green dots, and the ceiling will have sprinkles and neon lighting. There will also be a giant pink doughnut seat.

“We want people to have the best possible time in-store with us, and the new location ups the ante, giving them a playful and fun backdrop to showcase their experience with friends and family,” said New Zealand retail manager Antonio Riviera. “New Zealanders have embraced Krispy Kreme with open arms from our first store launch in Manukau, and we can’t wait to spread more smiles as we move into the CBD. The whole Krispy Kreme world will be watching when the new store opens and lucky Aucklanders will be the very first to experience it.”

The store will be located in Chancery Square and will feature more dessert options and will be available through Uber Eats. However, unlike Krispy Kreme’s other New Zealand stores, it will not be open 24/7.