The probiotics and live cultures found in Kombucha has led to it being an exciting and growing non-alcoholic category of drinks. The bonus is that the subtle flavours and acid tone found in good quality Kombucha, also make for a sophisticated adult mixer that is perfect for cocktails. The key is to partner with complimenting flavour profiles that aren’t too overbearing. In this case the acid of the sparkling wine helps to cut through the viscosity of the Jasmine Kombucha, bringing it back to a floral tone vs. perfumed. The Mandarin peel helps to bring out floral notes

Good Buzz Jasmine 120ml
Lindauer Enlighten Moscato Rose 60ml
Fresh Mandarin 1 peel

1. Measure and pour chilled Lindauer into a pre-chilled glass
2. Top with Good Buzz Jasmine Kombucha
3. Serve in a Champagne Flute
4. Garnish with mandarin peel


This can also be made into a non-alcoholic version by using Lindauer Sparkling Grape
ABV 2.8%
STD 0.4

 Lion’s team of ambassadors are involved in a number of different projects throughout the year aimed to discourage binge drinking. They often create mid strength cocktails at large events, such as the Sevens and Auckland City Limits to encourage people to consume less alcohol.