As consumers are asking for dairy free, gluten free and vegan ice creams that contain lower sugar and fewer calories, the team at Wahiki has worked hard on giving the consumer what they are asking for.

Wahiki has reformulated its Vanilla and released its amazing Turmeric Latte, both now with lower sugar content and fewer calories. The Vanilla has 7.5g per 100g, and the Turmeric Latte has 9.4g per 100g of sugar. The calorie count of both flavours per serving has around the same calories as an average size honey-crisp apple.  This has been quite an achievement as ice cream companies battle to reformulate and give consumers a healthier alternative to a product that normally has high sugar and high calories.

Wahiki Coconut Mango and Coconut Chocolate flavours have also been reformulated and finalised to sugar levels less than 10g per 100g and will be released into the market just before summer.

For more information call 0800 WAHIKI or email info@wahiki.co.nz.