Hawker & Roll coming to Tauranga Crossing

Hawker & Roll will be opening in the Bay of Plenty for the first time as part of the new Tauranga Crossing development. The restaurant will open on April 4.

Founded under progressive restaurant group Go To Collection, Hawker & Roll is a spinoff of the group’s Madam Woo, and will extend to four sites across the country when it opens in Tauranga.

Go To Collection’s founder, Fleur Caulton, is thrilled to be bringing Hawker & Roll to New Zealand’s fastest growing city. Having established the group’s three brands Hawker & Roll, Madam Woo and Rata with business partner and celebrity chef, Josh Emett, Caulton offers a wealth of experience in the hospitality space and a passion for providing diners with exciting eating options that are healthy and fresh.

“We’re looking forward to dipping our toes in the Tauranga dining space for the first time to share our love of Asian-fusion cuisine with Bay-based foodies,” she said. “As Kiwis are becoming more and more adventurous with their dining choices, locals are in for a treat with Hawker & Roll’s take on Malaysian cuisine in a comfortable and fun environment.”

One of the most popular dishes on Madam Woo’s menu – the Hawker Roll – was such a favourite, it sparked inspiration for a dedicated eatery. Last year alone, half a million Hawker Rolls were consumed by diners around the country. The Roti Canai is filled with a selection of vegetarian, seafood or meat choices and sits alongside items such as laksa, steamed dumplings, and Malaysian nasi lemak.

Caulton says that along with providing customers with a ‘go-to’ dining option, sustainability forms the heart of the business and its values.

“At Go To Collection, we actively eliminate our reliance on processes that negatively impact the environment, and only serve whole, free range products. All our straws are either metal or paper, our packaging is all made from renewable and sustainable resources, and our menus are printed on recycled paper. We’re constantly making conscious choices such as these to improve our footprint on the earth and make a great dining experience from start to finish.”