Figures released by research firm Technomic show that nearly half of all consumers eat at least one burger a week, an increase from the 38 percent two years earlier. Further research revealed that consumers, especially Millennial consumers, are willing to pay more for what they perceive as a ‘premium’ burger – one which purports to be a step above traditional takeaway offerings.

The research showed that almost 40 percent of consumers were willing to spend more on a gourmet offering, with nearly 12 percent of those saying that they were willing to accept a price increase of more than ten percent in exchange for a higher quality product. Of the characteristics surveyed, ‘premium’, steroid, hormone and antibiotic-free, natural and organic proved the most popular.

The overall rise in burger consumption can be put down to the increased availability of gourmet burger outlets, as well as the adoption of gourmet burgers by larger chains such as McDonald’s. Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s president and CEO, announced last month that revenue had increased by 5.5 percent to USD 5.1 billion off the back of the gourmet burger range first introduced in Australia and New Zealand. “We are satisfying the rising expectations customers have for the taste and quality of our food and greater convenience as they visit our restaurants or enjoy meals delivered to their homes and offices,” he said.