Gin Partnership

A collaboration between Blush Gin and 1919 Distilling, two of New Zealand’s leading craft gin producers, means the boundaries of botanical gin are being pushed beyond imagination. Between Chris Thomas and Elliot McClymont of Blush Gin, and Soren Crabb of 1919 Distilling, friendship and partnership have formed, and the teams are looking at pushing the limits of craft gin. They said, “For small craft spirit producers our main issue is that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. You have to be incredibly passionate to build a brand from the ground up.”

“By combining forces, we now have a team of three highly creative, motivated and passionate individuals working in synergy.” With the combination of these brands, they can continue to produce their own labels, as well as looking to expand their capacities through collaboration. “We don’t want to give too much away, but this is an exciting time for both Blush Gin and 1919 Distilling. We have been shaping some pretty amazing products over the last few months. We are producing captivating spirits using locally sourced botanicals, that we can’t wait to showcase on a world stage.”

“We believe in keeping things Kiwi, and by owning our own distillery, we can assure quality in all of our products.” One of the main drawing points about New Zealand-made spirits is the local twists that can be imbued throughout the product; local flavours like lemons, oranges, rhubarb, boysenberries and honey make for iconic New Zealand tastes.