Manaaki has created a new Māori inspired taste, drawing on the spirit of Manaakitanga, which means hosting guests with generosity and care. The apple-based Kawkawa Jelly, flavoured with kawakawa, has a fresh and uplifting aromatic taste. Very versatile, it complements a wide range of dishes. Kawakawa Jelly is a knockout teamed with crackers and blue cheese or other sharp tasting hard cheeses. It’s also a perfect addition to lamb burgers and cold cut meats or try it as a glaze on pulled pork for sliders. Delicious also at afternoon tea time topped with a little crème fraîche or cream. For fans of Māori bread, it’s a must try – don’t forget the butter. Kawakawa Jelly is gluten free and has no artificial ingredients or colours.

Manaaki is a social Enterprise of Omaka Marae. For more information visit or email