Forced name change for Dunedin café

A café in Dunedin has been forced to change its name following a threat of legal action from the United States. “Well + Good,” the café in the Roslyn village had applied for trademarks when “Well + Good,” a lifestyle and health website from the States said they would pursue legal action unless the café changed its name. American Well + Good said that they had users in New Zealand and a café of the same name would cause confusion. The legal team from the States also asked the café to remove its logo, despite having no similarities to the US company.

Amy and Andrew Hou, owners of the Dunedin café, said that they were having trouble coming up with something that didn’t already belong to another company of some sort. Following the lengthy legal processes the couple has been involved in, they said, “after a few thousand dollars disappearing, we decided we weren’t going to win this.”

Mrs Hou said, “Unfortunately the little people can’t take on the big people in a corporate world.”