Firelight Glass & Candles is an Auckland based small business that takes great pride in importing and supplying the New Zealand hospitality customer with the cleanest burning, most consistent and dependable liquid wax lamp fuel in the industry. All candles are of superior quality and durable enough to withstand the rigors of any foodservice operation.

Shop online for their Liquid Wax Hospitality Candles. The best liquid wax lamp fuel available – burns cleaner than solid wax candles. Non-staining and no melted wax mess. Perfect for the hospitality business where time is valuable. Simply replace the empty fuel cells with new ones. No other maintenance or adjustments necessary, and no spilled wax!

Firelight Glass offers a wide variety of high-quality disposable fuel cells providing the most reliable burning times which is perfect for enhancing the dining experience:

  • HD8 – 8 Hour Liquid Tealight (Box 180)
  • HD15 – 15 Hour Liquid Tealight (Box 96)
  • HD26 – 26 Hour Liquid Tealight (Box 60)
  • HD50 – 50 Hour Liquid Tealight (Box 48)

The only fuel cell that will fit anywhere a tealight would go and burn twice as long.

  • Ideal where table/lighting space is at a premium.
  • Clean simple operation – no wax mess to clean up.
  • Eliminates thermal shock breakage commonly associated with the use of solid wax candles.
  • Non-flammable liquid fuel.
  • Cost just cents per hour to burn.

Their suppliers pride themselves on innovation and have been at the forefront of many of the most significant advancements in table lighting fuel products; refillable liquid candle systems and disposable liquid candle fuel cells. Their brand name stands for high quality and reliability in many countries. Firelight Glass & Candles is the only distributor of this brand in New Zealand. They are committed to operating all aspects of business in an environmentally responsible manner to minimize the environmental impact of their production and all their products. Their goal: To reduce plastic consumption in manufactured fuel cell bottles by 17 percent, which they achieved in 2010.  Fuel cell bottle production were converted from PVC plastic to PET plastic material resulting in less plastic now being shipped which in turn lessens the impact on landfills.

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