A Facebook competition for a Blackpool based eatery has ended in chaos after one customer took offence to the response of the restaurant over her dead dog. Pastels Burgers and Shakes ran a competition on its Facebook page asking customers to “tell us why you deserve something free” with winners potentially walking away with free chips, burgers and milkshakes.

Winning entries included a man who had just quit his job and a woman who had spent hours cleaning nail polish off her child. However, the restaurant failed to acknowledge a woman who requested free food on account of her dog dying and her iPhone breaking.

“Clearly not dog people,” she wrote after waiting for a day. “I won’t be trying your place at all and consider yourself unfollowed.” Despite admitting in the original post to not having ever tried Pastels, the woman proceeded to leave a one-star review on the Facebook page and writing “Terrible service and terrible food.”

That wasn’t the end, though, as Pastels screenshotted the review and called her out in public.

“”Because you didn’t get picked is it appropriate to leave a one-star which is clearly a lie you have not tested our food,” the restaurant wrote in its own post. “We also have dogs ourselves… free piece of lettuce for leaving a FAKE review.”

“Anytime we get a bad review we message the person and try to solve the problem, but with this review, we had proof that she had not been and was slandering our business,” said Gage Dunstan, manager of Pastels. “We would never call out a genuine review.”