A Colorado Red Robin Gourmet Burgers store has had to close following three customers testing positive for a strain of E.coli. Two of the individuals infected with the bacteria were hospitalised. Inspectors probing the restaurant found it fell critically short in improper employee handwashing, improper cleaning and sanitising of food preparation surfaces, and cross-contamination between raw meats and other prepared foods.

Upon finding this out, Red Robin closed the store, stating it was “to complete thorough cleaning and sanitising of the restaurant, food safety training for all employees, and testing of employees who handle food.” Red Robin also said that the company’s first and foremost priority is the well-being of their customers and employees.

At this stage, there is speculation as to whether or not the restaurant will reopen; however, it will not be allowed open until violations have been corrected.

E.coli can be spread quickly through improper hand sanitisation following bathroom use and then preparing food.