Curbing Queues

BP New Zealand is offering busy commuters the chance to avoid queues through pre-ordering and pre-paying for their coffees.

Through the BPMe app, which already offers customers the ability to pre-order their hot drinks and pre-pay for their fuel, has now introduced pre-pay for coffee. The app allows for specific time customisation, as well as traffic indicators that help direct towards the most efficient Wild Bean Cafe to visit. Debi Boffa, managing director of BP New Zealand, said, “We know that New Zealanders spend on average 1,400 million hours travelling every year, with half that time spend behind the wheel. With the introduction of this new pre-pay element to the BPMe app, we’re hoping to cut down commute time so New Zealand drivers can still get their fix and have extra time to spend on the things they care about most.”

New Zealand has been the first country to introduce the pay and go app within the global BP network, which operates in more than 30 countries. Currently, BP is the largest retailer of Fairtrade-certified coffee in New Zealand.