150 gm castor sugar
50 mls water
1/4 teaspoon lemon juice
50mls water for deglazing
500ml milk
vanilla bean paste to taste
4 eggs
100 grams sugar

  1. To make the caramel: boil 150gm sugar, 50ml water, and lemon juice until a light caramel
  2. Add the 50ml water and cook until 120 degrees C (use a cooking thermometer to check). Pour into 8 ramekins
  3. Lightly whisk mix the eggs and 100gm sugar together. Heat the milk and vanilla until almost boiled, then add a small amount of hot milk to the eggs, whisking to combine. Don’t over stir as you don’t want the egg mix to go frothy. Add more milk and stir again, then add all the milk. Pass through a fine sieve and pour into the ramekins on top of the caramel
  4. Fill a tray with hot water and place the ramekins into the tray. Bake at 150 degrees C until firmly set (around 20-25 minutes –  check after 20 mins). Refrigerate and allow to cool before serving. Serve with fresh fruit and chantilly cream, garnish with fresh mint