United Foods Co. have introduced new Spanish inspired Prawn and Tuna Croquettes to their portfolio of authentic global foods.

Originating from France the humble croquette has come a long way with just about every culture developing their own recipe. From Spain to Korea, croquettes are consumed in droves at any time of the day. The ideal croquette is a perfect 2-3 mouthfuls and meticulous attention is given to the texture of the filling and crispy outside. The fact they’re so moreish makes them perfect for bar snack menus or a popular appetiser. United Food Co. Croquettes are handmade with a rich creamy béchamel sauce and designed to go from freezer to table in under ten minutes.

United Food Co. Croquettes are available in 1kg, 25-piece packs. For more information contact Andrew Brown at United Fisheries at, or your preferred local distributor.