Concerns raised over how an Australian bar treats their staff

Joe’s Shoe Store in Northcote, just north of Melbourne’s CBD, and its sister store, Uncle Joe’s, have copped criticism over how they have allegedly treated their staff. All of this is surfacing following backlash from some of their employees online. Comments have been left over the internet condemning the way these bars treat their staff.

Questions of underpaying, as well as unfair treatment, have since come to light. One staff member was allegedly fired after asking about time-off and holiday pay, while an additional four staff members were said to have been let go when they failed to attend a “compulsory” paintball event/staff function.

Management at these places deny that they have intentionally mistreated their staff, but did let on that an “administrative error” had meant that one staff member had been unfairly paid. “The management team is working constructively with the relevant union and with impacted staff to rectify the situation,” they said.

The impact that this negative publicity can have on these places is still rising as angry feedback has been left on their social media pages.