The traditional degustation menu has been given a revamp at Auckland fine dining restaurant Clooney this month, with the do-it-yourself option proving so popular that the offer has been extended for another month.

While a degustation menu traditionally takes diners on the same culinary adventure as chosen by the restaurant, 256 by Clooney puts the decision in the hands of the customers instead. With 16 dish options available across four courses, customers can take control of their dining experience, creating a bespoke menu to suit their taste preferences, including the order in which their dishes are presented.

The choices come from a selection of dishes created by head chef Nobu Lee, using 100 percent locally sourced produce.

Options include kingfish with daikon and green apple dashi; chicken rillette with storm clam swede; venison with chocolate and elderberry; lamb rump with kumara hay; cauliflower with almond and redcurrant; carrot with macadamia and spinach; hapuka with winter radish and clam butter, and many more, including four dessert options.

Clooney owner Tony Stewart says 256 is perfect for diners who are new to the degustation experience.

“Clooney prides itself on taking diners through a culinary tour of New Zealand using ingredients that play an important role in defining our country’s cultural identity,” he said. “256 is simply an extension of our existing dining offer and is a fun, customisable way to embark on this journey. Diners need only choose a table, choose a night and then on arrival choose one of 256 beautifully crafted meal possibilities.”

The offer is only available during the month of September and October and will cost $120 per person.