Local burger chain Better Burger is challenging its customers to take a stand this Earth Day (Sunday April 22nd) and eat everything on their plate – including the packaging.

The New Zealand owned and operated company is observing the international day with a bit of fun to shine a serious spotlight on the world’s waste problem and challenge customers and other companies to do better by the planet.

For one day only, the company’s Mt Eden restaurant is wrapping its burgers in edible packaging and inviting people to take up the challenge to eat their rubbish.

General Manager Rod Ballenden says he is looking forward to bringing to light the impact of waste in our country.

“When we started Better Burger, it felt like all I could see was fast food rubbish dumped on the side of the road, on footpaths and in parks,” he said. “I decided then and there that we weren’t going to contribute to the waste problem – we could do better. This isn’t just an Earth Day gimmick or a far-off corporate goal. I’d say we are the only fast food chain in all of Australasia with fully plant-based, compostable packaging so none of our front-of-house waste is sitting in landfill for any great period of time.”

It’s a global hot topic with other fast food chains vowing to go recyclable by 2025.