Lowell Herb Co. is set to open America’s first-ever cannabis café this September in West Hollywood. Kevin Brady, Director of Lowell Café, said that the idea had been four years in the making. Brady also hopes that the new café will give people a space where cannabis consumption can be undertaken without stigma.

Chef Andrea Drummer, a pioneer for both the culinary and cannabis worlds, will be heading the kitchen at Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café. Drummer has vast experience cooking with CBD and THC infused ingredients, as well as tailoring menus to appeal to the heightened senses that cannabis use can have for people. Through her menu, Drummer hopes to display California flavours, as well as a farm-to-table experience for her customers—both in the cuisine and cannabis. This is something that Lowell Herb Co. has always prioritised—growing organically farmed cannabis, for instance—and now, they hope that their food offers the same authentic Californian produce.

The café will be designed and fitted out by the Houston Brothers, who are well-known around the region for creating immersive and transformative spaces. Brady said that the brother took particular interest in the project’s ambience and aesthetic.

On top of the regular service, Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café will also provide consumers with a host of nightlight entertainment. This will range from comedy nights to Sunday brunch events.

Brady said that the most important thing for the café is to demonstrate how cannabis consumption can be safely integrated into society.