Leading QSR brand, Burger King, in partnership with Coca Cola, has made a bold move with the introduction of a new beverage range – half of which has no sugar or low calorie choices. The New Zealand launch is also the first market globally to roll out this initiative.

From 19 December, Burger King’s 81 restaurants, nationwide, will extend its beverage range beyond traditional carbonated drinks to offer greater choice with more than 50 flavour options. The new range is extend with Coke No Sugar, Sprite Zero, sparkling waters and Fuze ice tea. This new innovation allows customers to add flavour shots to their drinks. All four are sugar free – vanilla, raspberry, lime and pineapple.

James Woodbridge, General Manager – Marketing, Burger King, said the project has been three years in the making and is in response to changing consumer demand.

“Consumers have told us they want greater beverage choices, not less. As a result, we have invested into new beverage hardware that allows us to extend our range,” said Woodbridge. “We have made sugar free and low calorie options a priority and I’m proud to advise that 50 percent of this new range is sugar free or low calorie.”

The announcement follows on Burger King’s move in recent years to offer milk as part of its Junior Meals at a price below those that include a carbonated drink. The organisation has also removed toys from smaller meal choices and stopped any advertising directly to children.