Succeeding in any business, whether as a manager or owner, cannot be taken for granted. Business is dynamic. There is always something to attend to, some riddle to solve. The better you understand what it takes to be successful, the greater your chances of success.

How to Grow Your Hospitality Business looks at New Zealand’s hospitality industry. It provides a framework for would-be owners as well as aspiring managers and students of hospitality.

The book draws on Celia Hay’s experience of growing five different businesses that have evolved and changed over the years and incorporates what she consider to be the foundations for success. For those wanting to rush in and establish a business, this is a cautionary tale. The set-up can be the easy part. Staying in business and growing the business can provide the most challenge.

How to Grow Your Hospitality Business delivers comprehensive advice for establishing a successful café, bar or restaurant. It covers a wide range of topics, from characteristics required as a host through the financial, legal and compliance aspects of a business to menu development and costing, team building, marketing and customer service.