Urbanaut is set to release a beer blending concept this week, an idea they believe is a world-first. Although the idea of blending beers is not a new idea, to bottle it and sell it in a way that allows for the combination of flavours is a novel idea, for sure.

Blending beer is traditionally the combination of two different beers on tap, where they are blended or layered into one glass for a unique experience crafted by the brewer. Urbanaut’s beer blending package consists of 2 x 250ml cans, with two different beers in them; a perforated strip separates them. The two beers in the can are able to be enjoyed on their own and then combined into a third blended beer in a glass. Urbanaut is hoping that the newest addition to their range is helping to provide an entertaining and interactive beer experience.

This latest flavour combination has not been limited by beer taste alone—Urbanaut worked closely with food matching specialists to push the limits of what flavours could be blended effectively. “Rather than looking at what has been done previously in beer flavours, styles and matches, we worked with a food matching specialist who has no concept of what can or can’t be done with beer, to further understand opportunities for flavour matching in food and then we worked backwards to create beers to fit,” said Urbanaut.

The initial flavours are:

Szechuan Kolsch (Smooth, Peppery, Lemon) and Yuzu Super Sour (Dry, Sharp, Citrus).

Milkshake Beer (Rich, Creamy, Vanilla) and Imperial Stout (Boozy, Chocolate, Coffee).

Manuka Smoked Chili Ale (Spicy, Malty, Smokey) and Horopito Kawakawa Gose (Salty, Sour, Herbaceous)

While Urbanaut understands that they’re taking a “massive punt” on the concept, flavours, and styles, they said that they are excited to be trying something new. “The flavour combinations have worked out fantastically, and the feedback around the concept has been awesome.”