Inspired by tales of open flames, renegade chefs, and underground supper clubs, BCE Catering Equipment Ltd are excited to bring the Chef Works 2017 Collection to the New Zealand market.  The new styles embody the rough-and-tumble culture of the kitchen. Not hemmed in by walls, trends, or rules for that matter.

This year, we’ve unveiled new styles like the Berkeley and the Dorset aprons, who’s cross back straps alleviate and redistribute weight from the neck, taking much needed pressure off chefs and servers during an already stressful shift. With a new approach to fit, the Chef Works 2017 Collection features more streamlined silhouettes, curve-hugging jackets and tailored apparel, offering style without compromising durability.

For more, contact your friendly BCE Representative or visit our website at: www.bcecateringequipment.co.nz

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