Introducing some of Florentines new products. Vegan snickers slice—meeting the market desire for more vegan offerings. The new vegan snickers slice fills the palate with warm, smooth chocolate and peanut with caramel—the perfect combination of sweet and salty deliciousness. Vegan, gluten, and dairy-free. Two new quiches; a gourmet solution paired with a hunger buster. Florentines are also proud to extend their already successful mini quiche range with a spinach, feta and caramelised onion quiche. It provides that Café taste—on-trend and tasty. A brilliant combination of the tang of feta, the sweetness of onion chutney and  fresh baby spinach. Additionally, Florentines has released a meat lover’s quiche—for those that say, “More meat please.”  Our new quiche is a hugely savoury blend of ham, bacon, pepperoni and cabinosi for a filling lunchtime, or anytime treat. All available from discerning distributors right now.