The famous McDonald’s apple pie is set for a healthy makeover, as part of a wider shift to make the menu healthier overall. The pie will be made with a flaky top crust with sprinkled sugar, as opposed to the old sugar and cinnamon topping. The filling now includes cinnamon and only American-grown apples.

“Our new freshly baked Apple pie recipe is in line with other positive changes we have made,” said a McDonald’s US spokesperson. “We removed, for example, artificial preservatives from our Chicken McNuggets and switched to real butter in our breakfast sandwiches because those changes matter to our guests.”

McDonald’s varies the world over, so it is unlikely that the New Zealand pie is made in the same way as the US pie. The New Zealand pies are made using local ingredients and the composition of the pie is likely to be different.

“McDonald’s New Zealand currently doesn’t have any plans to change the recipe for the apple pie,” said a spokesperson.