All-you-can-eat restaurant under scrutiny over abnormal policy

A Japanese restaurant, Tokyo Maki, in Brampton, Canada, has come under fire from online controversy after a social media post gained popularity. A customer was forced to pay the full adult price for an all-you-can-eat dinner even though she was only 12 years old.

The wait staff told the family that she would have to pay the full price because they didn’t believe that she was only 12. According to the Facebook post, the wait staff asked the girl for her ID, and upon producing it, measured her height in the middle of the restaurant—they even made her take her shoes off.

The manager of Tokyo Maki, Raymond, took to Facebook to clarify their policies. Unfortunately, the bizarre response from the manager only caused more uproar. “Some of the children’s heights are taller than adults, and sometimes they eat more than an adult,” said Raymond. He explained that there was a new employee on during the shift in question, and usually customers would not be asked to remove their shoes.

The run-off effects of this publicity could end up causing the restaurant much more than the full price of one adult meal.