Dublin Airport is set to trial an honesty-based food and beverage service, with the intention of eventually rolling it out across the international airport’s two terminals.

The Honest Eats Company fridge will offer a range of sandwiches, wraps, salads and pastries, as well as beverages, and customers will be trusted to pay through a cashless self-service checkout. The fridge will be based next to the existing Marquette Food Court.

“Honest Eats has the potential to work really well in an airport setting where passengers in a hurry want to grab high quality food and drink on the go,” said Marquette owner Michael Wright. “We’re really excited to be working with Dublin Airport to test this new concept.”

If the trial is successful, Marquette is hoping to put fridges all around the terminal in spaces which aren’t large enough to house a traditional café. Honest Eats follows a similar trial where bottles of water were sold through an honesty system. While some took advantage of the system, 92 percent of customers paid for their water.