Wendy’s NZ has launched a new Mexican Tequila Crunch burger with a hint of real Mexican tequila in its tangy tequila lime salsa.

Made by Hamilton boutique food producer Wild Country, the tequila lime salsa is made from crushed tomatoes, honey, mustard, lime, spices and a splash of silver tequila. Unlike the real thing, it is only three percent alcohol per 100 mls and the alcohol is cooked out of the salsa.

Unique to New Zealand, Wendy’s NZ CEO Danielle Lendich said she developed the burger range after sampling Wild Country’s 362 Grillhouse branded tequila lime salsa, available online, and being inspired by the unique taste – sweet and tangy, with a subtle tequila kick.

While the odd tequila-spiked burger recipe can be found online, Lendich said Wendy’s is not aware of any other tequila burger being sold by a QSR, making it a first in New Zealand and possibly elsewhere too.

Supporting the launch is a tongue-in-cheek campaign that looks set to push a few boundaries within the local QSR market.

Positioning the new burger range as a ‘taste from across the border’, the campaign leverages the infamous Mexican border – an ever-constant topic of conversation regularly featured in film, TV shows and Donald Trump’s latest twitter rants.

Created by Wendy’s agency Augusto, the hero social video and accompanying TVC shows customers being surprised with an offer to try the new burger for free, but only if they’re willing to take it down the road and eat it on foreign soil – inside a competitor restaurant.