The rise of ethnic foods in the New Zealand café mainstream is seeing the parallel rise of savoury breakfast items. As New Zealand becomes more cosmopolitan of a nation and the national flavour profile begins to develop, breakfast is moving away from traditional British staples to more unconventional savoury items.

2018 is the year of the potato, and the resurgence of latke is no surprise. The traditional Ashkenazi dish is appearing on menus all over the country as an alternative to the traditional hash brown, its popularity driven largely by its versatility. Latke can be served in lieu of toast and topped with anything from eggs to salmon to spinach. At latke need not necessarily be made from potato – in some places around the world where potatoes are not as popular, latke are made from a range of vegetables, legumes and even cheeses.

Keeping with the Middle Eastern theme while retaining the traditional egg-based breakfast, shakshuka is also becoming increasingly popular. The popularity of Middle Eastern cuisine across the country is beginning to infiltrate the menus of restaurants and cafes which may not necessarily fit that theme, but recognise the profitability of the trend. Shakshuka, an egg baked in a sauce of tomatoes, capsicum and onion, is a staple of Arab cuisine, is popular in those countries as a dish for breakfast and also an evening meal.