A glass of red wine with the view of the vineyard on the background

The iconic Tauranga-based Mills Reef Winery has revealed its plans to relocate operations from the current Tauranga site in Bethlehem to the Leveret Estate in Katikati. The brand shared that it will continue to source its grapes from the Hawkes Bay region. However, the winemaking from the 2020 season and onward will be completed at the new site.

The move to the Leveret Estate was a preferred choice for the winery, who saw the partnership as an opportunity to create a destination hub for wine lovers in the Bay of Plenty area.

“We have a lot of loyal followers here in Tauranga, so it’s great to be able to stay in the Bay of Plenty,” said Tim Preston, director at Mills Reef Winery. “The move will also give us access to some new vineyards and we look forward to exploring those options.”

The Mills Reef restaurant will remain open in its original Bethlehem site until December 14, and the tasting room until December 22.