A Comprehensive Approach

Drinking alcohol is a part of many New Zealanders lives but, for a significant proportion, the amount and pattern of drinking causes harm both to themselves and others. The Health Promotion Agency’s work to reduce alcohol-related harm is comprehensive in its approach. It includes national marketing campaigns, resource and tools to support legislative requirements, community action and health sector agencies as well as alcohol-related advice and research.

An example of this is ServeWise, a free online tool which assists in the training of frontline sellers and servers of alcohol. It uses a vibrant and engaging game format with video and animation to provide a basic understanding of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, with a strong focus on intoxication, minors, server intervention and host responsibility. Learners can tailor their experience by selecting the role that best caters to their job of either ‘serving alcohol’ or ‘selling alcohol’. The training has five levels, with challenges to complete within each level.

More than 6,000 people have completed the training since ServeWise launched in 2016, and a recent update to the system includes improvements which have been made to the training to ensure its users learn what they need to know while enjoying the interactive skills-based game.

For more information visit www.hpa.org.nz or email m.lyne@hpa.org.nz.