At Burns & Ferrall, the team are very good at listening – they’ve been doing it for 70 years. The more they have listened, the better they have understood the vision of the client.

Burns & Ferrall is experienced in the design of and fit-out of many restaurants, bars, catering facilities and customised designed facilities for more than 70 years and has been involved in a vast range of industries from healthcare, catering, supermarkets, QSRs to name a few.

Located in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and across the Pacific, Burns & Ferrall take the overall responsibility for project management of the scope of work in terms of the kitchen fit-out, with personnel assigned specially to run and administrate the contract.

Burns & Ferrall proposes that drawings of product not requiring site measure be approved and where applicable fabrication can be done immediately. These items can be built and stored awaiting installation. This will ease the pressure build all items in a short fabrication window and streamline production. All items would be available for inspection and sign off once built.

Burns & Ferrall will be available to attend regular site meetings and liaise with the contractor and project managers as required, with more frequent attendance at the beginning and end of the contract.

All installation work on site will be done in accordance with the specific on-site safety procedures and health and safety site safe plans, and all personnel working on site will hold current site safe passports and be competent tradesmen in the specific field of expertise required to complete the job.

Burns & Ferrall will co-ordinate the delivery and installation of all items of equipment using local certified installers, gas and electrical engineers familiar with the equipment, taking the hard work away from customers. Any other items being procured from third parties will be consolidated in the Burns & Ferrall warehouse and be made ready for delivery to the site at each stage completion.

Come and see for yourself and challenge us with your vision – we will deliver, that’s our 70-year promise.